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    Saving A Movie File Help Please

    try looking for a save as button or render as.
  2. I've been trying to understand the language of the roxio and why it will not work for me. I have the Setup properly and my computer is more than enough to use the Software, but for some odd reason the software that comes with the roxio is uncooperative. As soon as I start up the RGC program I get greeted with "Select Device Fail." or something like that and then it goes to "No Signal." My Roxio is clearly plugged in and is glowing bright. My Computer Recognizes it as well in device manager, but why wont it work. There's no sound indicating I'm on the right path, there's no video input of any sort, I cant even use the options tab because the program will crash and when none of this is a problem, more problems arise. My Roxio will no show the enable feature of the "Start Capture" and "Live Stream." I had such high hopes for this device, but it is rapidly turning into regret, seeing as the setup is not so simple as many said it was. I'm getting ready to send the device back, nearly had for less than a day and I saddens me to know the device I paid for, isn't doing what I paid for it to do. I'm asking for help because somewhere inside there is a techie that wants to see this device work at its best. Please help and list all Information you wish for me to give, I am at your mercy, begging. RGC_Log_12252013_0.txt
  3. I don't Care

    Select Video Device Failed

    It is in fact a terrible program with too many bugs, if a large majority of people report multiple problems in one aspect or another of the same situation, then you have to consider it might actually be the program and/or device and not the user. I myself can not figure out this software and I'm also uncertain if it is the Roxio its self or the the Program it comes with. Repeatedly I have changed the wires in and out trying every method I've seen or read on the forums and on youtube. Non has yet to even get me started with this program to even rate its overall quality. I am deeply disappointed on how buggy it actually is and how frustration it can be to try and fix these bugs.