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    Lp To Mp3 Issues

    After hooking up hardware there is a blinking blue light on the audio capture usb box. Is this normal? I also have a signal on the recording level meters even though there is no music being played. I would think there shouldnt be any levels if there is no input of music. If I unplug the usb cable the levels go to zero. Any help?
  2. maplefx

    Lp To Mp3 Issues

    I have the roxio Easy lp to mp3 . I am hooked up according to manufacturers directions. I am using the Mini -jack to RCA adapter cable (my stereo doesnt have RCA ports). Im new to this and not sure if this is the spot to post this question. Thanks for your patience. I can unplug the mini jack cable so there is no connection to my stereo and I still get sound levels being registered on the meters.