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  1. I did install the program before using anything, I got it to work with my brothers Slim, so I guess problem solved with that, I suppose! My original 360 is a hunk of junk anyway. so I`ll just work with what I got here, Thanks for the help though appreciate the reply!
  2. Hi there, I just received my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro the other day and I was going to test it out today on my Xbox 360, the xbox 360 that I own is not, NOT, a xbox 360 SLIM... The issue I have is for my xbox I am trying to use the HDMI cables for input and output. There`s no signal going through the TV nor the computer. Thing is if I just plug in the hdmi from my xbox to the TV (Instead of the xbox to the game cap, to the tv, and to the computer) It works fine. So in general my question is to use the HDMI for input and output on the Roxio GameCapture HD Pro, do I need to use an Xbox 360 SLIM? and my second question is, for me to be able to use my regular white Xbox 360 (non slim) do I need to use component cables for the input? Hope one of you can help me out! Thanks in advance