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  1. Hazard93

    Livestreaming Problems

    Yup, have just got the update myself... well If you was the one who made them realise and pushed it forward then sir... i love you! hahaa To be totally honest i wasnt someone who really bothered with it as i would always use XSplit because of the multiple things you could do, but i must say, i will be using this now and again well done!
  2. Hazard93

    Connecting To A Monitor!

    Ok, but the minute that the signal hits either the VGA or DVI it would no longer pass through the sound signal right? this is why im thinking just go get a different monitor with HDMI. i have enough problems with the PC build let alone a silly monitor
  3. Hazard93

    Connecting To A Monitor!

    yeah i guess your right there, i agree, its just me and my weird symptoms of having EVERYTHING equal ALSO if i was to do it via VGA i would have trouble with sound which i would then have to buy more hardware for your way sounds a much better idea. i have 2 monitors that im looking at $79 each, 720p 5ms response time, samsung. that will do for computer side of things. now to find a monitor at 1080p with HDMI port
  4. Hazard93

    Connecting To A Monitor!

    ok, to save confusion lets forget about the other 2 monitors, i kind of know what im doing with them now anyway as i am only going to connect to 2 up to the PC. i will do them both via VGA So lets focus more on the 3rd, the 3rd now well not be connected to the PC it will just be there as a TV for my Xbox, reason i want it as a monitor is i want all 3 of them the same model and make, just for my purposes of them all look equal so to speak. So let me first tell you again the setup i have currently with my tv. Xbox 360 >> Component Cable >> Input of Roxio device. Roxio device Output >> HDMI Cable >> 42'' TV that works fine, but if i was to replace the TV for this monitor how would i work around it via VGA? The monitors i want do not have HDMI inputs just because i wanted to keep the price on all 3 down as much as i could. The monitors have DVi and VGA inputs. If i was to go ''Roxio Device Out >> HDMI >> VGA adapter >> Monitor'' would that work? would the roxio still work as such and give me display?
  5. Hazard93

    Connecting To A Monitor!

    would anyone know? Come on i know there must be some wizard out there
  6. Hazard93

    Can My Computer Run It.

    Dont just post specs lol, tell people more about it, firstly what program are you trying to run? Roxio does not just do one product
  7. Hazard93

    Connecting To A Monitor!

    ok guys so as you know i will be doing a PC Build, and i am looking at getting 2 monitors hooked up to the PC with a 3rd being for a extra monitor but also able to play xbox on, so the question is my current setup is xbox to the roxio through component, then hdmi coming out of roxio to tv, but how would i be able to do that with a monitor? any help would be highly appreciated as always, also help on how i could connect all 3 monitors to the pc would help? would i need to get 3 graphics cars, or is there a way around it? as i say, 2 of them will be just for internet things, multitasking, but one of them will be for gaming on with xbox 360 and maybe use for editing in videowave! Thanks Hazard!
  8. Hazard93

    My Game Is Laggy And Wont Record At 1080P

    well firstly... i would advise you to post your specs, it could be a matter of cpu usage as its the same with me, my computer can not handle 1080p recording, also have you tried actually recording the gameplay then playing it back? sometimes the capture process will lag but when its actually capture all is fine. If you getting lag then take it down to 720p and if your still getting lag take the bit rate down. if you do not get any problems at 720p then it would obviously mean that your computer can not handle the strain at 1080p. i am having to record at 720p - 8000 bit rate. any higher and my videos lag. As i say. post your computer specs in a reply then someone can help you in a bit more detail.
  9. Hazard93

    Livestreaming Problems

    i agree with Jim, when i first came here i was kind of in the same boat as you Pompano, but then i realised that the helpful guy's here on the forum are actually just normally guys like anyone else on the forum, they simple come here and share the thoughts and help as many people as they can, and get them on there own 2 feet, and i respect that. I have never been spoken to in a rude manor because i am one of many who show respect to get that respect returned, but some people here have a go at the helper because they think there simply roxio workers. That shows that i and others included, do sometimes jump the gun. If i was as intelligent as some of the big posters here like Jim, then i would not bother helping those who are rude. I would tell them i am no part of the roxio company, and if they continued i would no further guide them, you do see this demonstrated a lot. Back to topic, i would not blame you if you returned the product, it really just suck that we can not livestream and this has been a hot topic for a while. I do not know where this will end up and i am pretty sure that no one else here,knows exactly where this is going to end, but i know one thing for sure, they need to pull there head's out the butts and get it sorted asap because they are loosing custom.
  10. Hazard93

    Livestreaming Problems

    What is happening when you try using XSplit Xenobia?
  11. opps just read my post lol, this is what i ment my bad! Glad it worked man
  12. Hazard93

    Livestreaming Problems

    no Jim, Xsplit has worked all along as far as i know, as i said i have tested and it works, but i get major lag due to my specs, i paid for my xsplit because i will be using it in future events, but for people who want to go free then the screen region would be the choice, but as you can tell from the video, theres a lot of lag so maybe someone with high specs could test that and see if its the same for them.
  13. hmm beats me buddy, i wouldn't have a clue lol, according to what i have been told when everything is linked up correctly and the ''no signal'' is red, then it means the software is a fault, but thats not the case for you. i mean it wont hurt to try another reinstall, just make sure you turn of anit virus and firewall before doing so, then run the setup, click on check updates when it prompts you, when its done turn everything back on then reboot. If it still doesnt work then reply back here hopefully someone else can help you further.
  14. Hazard93

    Livestreaming Problems

    Alternatively you could do what LJMnx has done, but a lot of people have complained about the lag before. My specs are not high enough on this computer to test it to see if its something to do with specs, but hey ho
  15. Hazard93

    Livestreaming Problems

    I do not believe you ''found'' it, actually Xsplit works with all capture cards its just video software just like videowave is, to be honest there are already Videos on youtube about this as people mainly use Xsplit and OBS which you could use aswell to livestream, you have just simply just recreated a video that was already existing I guess it can help out some people with you posting it here, but for the people that actually NEED to do livestreaming, would have already came across either OBS (Open Broadcast Software) or XSplit by now.