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    I have all the EMC 9 menus. I'm just bored with them and don't feel like spending the $ for Adobe Encore to make my own. Thanks! Kristen
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    Does anyone know of a place to download more DVD menus? I all ready have some from digitalvideoteam.com. I am looking for some nice, generic animated menus. Thanks! Kristen
  3. I'm having the exact same problem so I followed the link in the second post. I opened MyDVD, got the codec(s) need to be activated before using the application. MPEG-2. but was never given the option to Activate Offline. HELP! Thanks, Kristen
  4. I've been using different versions of MyDVD for years and have never had a problem. Today I was making an ISO image file, it's for a double layer DVD just in case that matters, and kept getting this error, 8004521e, while it was doing the menus. I tried it 3 times once while the menus were still and the others while motion was applied. I run diskeeper and spyware before every burn. Here's my specs: Compaq Presario Pentium 4 2.80GHz XP Home 512 RAM Hard Drive 80 GB 41.22 GB free space Thanks in advance for any help!!! Kristen
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    No Audio On Playback

    Thanks! It's royalty free background music I purchased.
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    No Audio On Playback

    I finally got EMC 9 up and running. Burned a DVD and it wasn’t recognized by my DVD player (which I’ve never had a problem with) it did play on my computer but with no sound. Burned it again, this time it played on DVD player but again no sound. I’m using MP3 and WMA files which I’ve never had a problem with using other software; EMC 8, Premiere Elements and Nero. Any advice?! Presario R3000 Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.80GHz Windows XP Home Edition Used: 38.73 GB Free: 35.79 GB RAM 512 MB Video Card ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000 IGP Sound Card SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio