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    Bd - There Are No Files..

    I'll give it a try. Thanks. Would be nice to figure out what corrupted it in the first place, so I don't repeat the problem. One thing I forgot to mention is I do have a disc image of this recording already on my hard drive. Is it possible the disc image is corrupted? Is there a way to check this out before burning a Bd?
  2. BarryB2

    Bd - There Are No Files..

    In case this makes a difference, I am not able to play these discs using the Roxio Video Player. The disc mounts on the desktop, but when I display the Open window in Roxio Video Player, the name of the disc is greyed out.
  3. BarryB2

    Bd - There Are No Files..

    I've created 3 HDTV movies (.mov) using iMovie and used Toast 11 to create a top menu to select the desired movie and burn discs. The first time I did this, I experienced no difficulties. Everything worked perfectly. After making a few changes, I went through the process again. This time, the BD discs are not playable in three different players. A Panasonic BD player reports "There are no files in this folder." Yet, visually I can see there is something recorded. I never got any error messages in the burning process. My Mac Disk Utility is not reporting any problems. Any idea what might be wrong with these discs? Used the same stock in both cases.
  4. BarryB2

    Toast 11 Needs A Major Update For Mavericks (10.9)

    I've downloaded both the new Toast 11.2 update and the Blu-Ray plugin for Toast 11. Trying to install them on an iMac running 10.9.1 (Maverick). In both cases, I get an error message 'the installer can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer'. Anyone have a work-around?