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  1. kurth

    Panasonic G6 Avchd Files Bounce

    I've been using toast 9 to convert my panasonic gh1 mts files w/o a hitch. Just bought the new G6 and Toast 9 won't convert the mts files. I tried the mts files alone, and I tried connecting the camera and using the folder sturcture. Nothing worked . I tried changing all parameters to no avail. Toast 9 has been great converting the avchd files to mov...but now...no go. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I believe it's 9.1 on a ppc mac running 10.4.11- thanks k
  2. kurth

    Panasonic G6 Avchd Files Bounce

    thanks...I'll shoot some 29.98 mts and see if that works, which would make your explanation certain. I used toast to convert gh1 24p files , but they were in an interlaced wrapper and had to be deinterlaced with jes.
  3. kurth

    Panasonic G6 Avchd Files Bounce

    btw...it displays error = -208