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  1. Hi there, The chromebook doesn't have a cd or DVD drive to download the software that came with the Roxio Game Capture, will this still work? Is the a Google App that will allow the hardware to do whats it's intended use?? Not sure how to proceed and info or direction would be appreciated:) I have a 10 year old that's disappointed
  2. Can the video capture transfer the video through the chromebook and posted on a site to store and edite? Using the chromebook as a vehicle or as a condoit to a site online? Thanks
  3. Thank you for your responses thus far Okay, any other suggestions. Both items were christmas gifts for a 10 year old. Is there anyone that might have an idea giving the sernario or a creative solution (via App, cloud based, etc,..) other then the obvious responses I have recieved thus far. Thank you so much!
  4. I'm aware of that, I guess there is not an App for that??? I appreciate your response. Anyone with some creative suggestions?? Thank you in advance