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  1. First off thanks for your help. I do not know the resolution of the videos as I did not shoot them. What I did do was make an avi with the lower resolution video playing in a window that was 1/4 of the total screen. I made this video at 1080. I also made the main slide video at 1080. I used MyDVD to burn a DVD which had an title screen that let you select anyone of the videos to be played. When I select the short videos they only occupy 1/4th of the playback screen and do not show any breakup. This seems to solve my issue of being able to view them. The only other issue I have is the length of the trailer clip on the main menu. I cannot see if you can do anything about that. I would like to make it longer. Does Creator NXT 2 allow that to happen. What advantage would Creator NXT 2 be to me over using the free ffDiaporama for developing videos and MyDVD for burning them? Creator is not a lot of money with the discount they are trying to give me but I see no reason to purchase it if it is not an improvement. I wish I could have a trial version to check this out myself.
  2. If you want more information it is Open Source - Freeware, Google ffDiaporama. Basically it is designed to take pictures and video clips and make a movie out of them just like MyDVD. It has a feature where you can make a window within a slide/picture this can be any size so you make it 1/4 the size of the picture that it is in and then when you play the picture takes up the screen but the video is only 1/4 the size of the screen. I'm thinking I can make individual avi videos like this then use MyDVD to combine them all into one movie. I used it to make an avi of my vacation it has lots of options not sure how it stacks up against MyDVD in that area. I then use that avi along with the video clips and made a single video out of them with an index front end. That is when I discovered the resolution on the video clips when shown on a 48 in TV was really not watchable. I will try doing what I described later but I see no reason it will not work as I have embedded video in a window already using ffDiaporama so it would be just a matter of loading all of these different avi videos into one using MyDVD. Anyway I have also left a request for some smart guy to develop a menu capability for ffDiaporama. It is an open source item most users are in Europe it seems. Hope this helps and thank you for the reply.
  3. Thank you for your response. I think what you described could work but can you then have a link to that video on the main videos introduction screen? I used ffDiaporama to make my picture video even though I have MyDVD and can embed a smaller video in the main video using something like you described. But ffDiaporama does not have the ability to may an introduction clip like professional movies have and I like that. By the way some of ffDiaporama functionality added to MyDVD would do wonders for MyDVD.
  4. I have a video made up of individual pictures from my Alaska vacation. I shoot relatively high resolution pictures. So in general I'm satisfied with the quality of the picture. Now I also have videos that were shot with different camera's they are in avi format and not HD so the resolution is ok unless you try to play it back on a 48 inch monitor. The resolution of these video when shown on my 48 inch TV have a lot to be desired. I would like to have all of these videos (pictures made into a video and video clips) play on the same video. They would be separate items but on the same disc and be selected from as menu items. What I want to know is there any way that you can have these play back in a smaller screen area. If so can you select the play back resolution (i.e window size) for each different segment of the total playback video.