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    Red No Signal Greyd Out Buttons

    As the title says i have the red no signal eaven though it is plugged in. Although it says i am getting no signal i do see the display on my tv. I have tried to repair many times. what is next ? what do i do to fix?
  2. FootballGamer17

    Too Many Software Issues!

    probably every second or third capture because it crashes.
  3. FootballGamer17

    Too Many Software Issues!

    So i have been using the roxio for about a month and it has been a pain because this program is always causing me trouble. Every second day i get the glitch where the buttons are all grey and every fifteen minutes my program crashes and i cant force quit so i have to restart my computer every time. i know its not my computer causing me problems since i have 8 gb of ram, a radeon 7970 graphics card and a 3.5 ghz processor. So help would be greatly appreciated!