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    Output Rca To Minijack - No Sound

    #$^@ :/ Thanks for your help and time!
  2. GudmundH

    Output Rca To Minijack - No Sound

    So i will need those headset plugs/converters? :/
  3. So today i went out to buy a RCA male to Minijack Female, i got home and plugged the Red/White cables into my roxio sound output, and my headphones into the minijack, but there was no sound! I then plugged back my old red/white into the roxio and the other end into my speakers, sound worked fine, then i plugged the new converter into the output on my speakers and then there was sound on my headphones, but also on my speakers. I just want to be able to use headphones/earphones or a headset!... I can't see why roxio just didn't add a Minijack into the Roxio device itself :/ HELP PLEASE!