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    Dvd Wont Play In Any Dvd Player

    I just burned it to a dvd. I was not aware of the "authoring". I thought you could send the movie to iTunes and then burn it from there, but iTunes is not highlighted as an option. Thanks for your help! I downloaded the idvd software and it burned/playbacked fine that way. Really wish it would have came with the toast software : ( Thanks again!
  2. help_me_please

    Dvd Wont Play In Any Dvd Player

    I saved the movie to my mac and burned it to DVD. However, it wont play in ANY DVD player, except the dvd player on my mac. It is not a problem with the dvd player, I have a new DVD player that plays any type of DVD. I have tried 3 different players. I even tried to open the movie with iTunes and burn it from there. Won't even show up in my library. PLEASE HELP ME!