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  1. Yup, I installed the latest DirectX driver, defraged the c drive, and completed all Windows updates. Now the proxy manager error is gone but the finishing/burn issue remains. I will call support tomorrow. Thanks again
  2. Went to the link at intel. Ran the update driver scan. Took off some old programs and ran a virus scan. I did not defrag the drive, I reinstalled the program and same errors appeared ( see word doc attached). I ignored the proxy manager issue and proceeded to the next screen ans was able to connect the usb device and see the video feed. As soon as I went to record, the feed went black but I still kept the recording going. After my feed video was done at 35 minutes, I stopped the record and the finishing spinning dial of doom ran for 2 hours with no end. I finally stopped the program via task manager. I will defrag my drive and call roxio support when they come back off the holidays. By the other forums posts and a google search, I see that others have struggled with the proxy manager errors. Thanks for your help
  3. Thanks for the reply. I did install the software before plugging in the usb capture device. I did uninstall the program and then run the dxdiag (see attached) DxDiag010114.txt
  4. Hoping to converter 8mm tapes to dvd on new years day. Attempted to install and error messages came up in regard to the proxy manager not working, but somehow I was able to finish the download but the program will not capture or burn correctly. I saw on one forum to go to safe mode, uninstall, and reload but that was a fix for a different problem. I have a dell vostro, windows 7 Any help would be appreciated, A dad just trying to preserve some old videos, Paul