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    Pixelated Video? Hard To Edit

    I have been editing in videowave and the preview box shows the videos like this http://prntscr.com/2fj91u That link is a screenshot of the preview box. Also, when recording the preview box is black, but that's a separate problem and not as 'serious'. How can I fix that horrible pixelated effect it's giving in the preview box in VideoWave? Is there anything I can use to convert the m2ts to mp4 or something? Won't that downgrade my quality though? My computer isn't crappy or anything and can run anything else I guess.
  2. KabukiLite

    Pixelated Video? Hard To Edit

    Any chance you know how to fix the preview box though? It is blank however I am getting signal and can record fine. It's just a bit of a pain. I can live with it, but it's something which I should solve really.
  3. Mine records for a while then stops too
  4. KabukiLite

    Roxio Editing Problems?

    I have recorded some gameplay with my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, however when I edit it in the Roxio Videowave it is very slow and comes up with them pixelated things on the video. It is horrible to edit in. My computer isn't crappy or anything like that. I would prefer to edit in sony vegas however when I import my videos they have no audio? If anyone could help me with the sony vegas audio when I import the roxio gameplay that'd be awesome. Roxio records it in 'M2TS' file format. This is a screenshot of the pixelated thing in Roxio Videowave: http://prntscr.com/2fiu66 I also have a problem with the preview box in Roxio capture when recording. It records fine but the preview box is black while recording, it's not a huge problem but is a shame really since it was working earlier.
  5. KabukiLite

    Pixelated Video? Hard To Edit

    Fixed myself, simply lowered bitrate.. Hmm
  6. KabukiLite

    Roxio Editing Problems?

    Just realised this is wrong topic, sorry