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    Trying To Use Play And Burn

    what I am using sorry creator 2009
  2. jojo49

    Trying To Use Play And Burn

    Can you also tell me why I keep coming up with errors when I use capture video. I am downloading it to my computer hard drive. I have over 400 gb left and have plenty of ram to download it. I had the same problem downloading some of my camcorder tapes also.
  3. jojo49

    Trying To Use Play And Burn

    sorry had a hard time finding my post. I am running on Vista.
  4. I just received Creator 2009 for a Christmas gift and I can't see to get the capture to work on the plug and burn area of the program. I have no problem getting it to recognize on Capture Video. Any idea on how I can get it to be recognized on plug and burn. Would make my life a lot easier. Thanks