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    Roxio Creator Nxt2

    I found a way to load windows XP and Windows 7 on the same hard drive, so problem fixed I can use my roxio 6 Platinum again.
  2. lennyn

    Roxio Creator Nxt2

    I just purchased the Roxio NXT2 program. I was told by the salesman that it would comparable and would have all the features of Roxio 6 Platinum. which by the way was the best audio editing and burning system ever mad. it was simple and worked great. also the photo suite worked great. windows 7 would not work and I had to upgrade to NXT2. But guess what? it is the worst many problems and difficult to operate . sending it back and getting a refund. I really wish they would make a Roxio 6 Platinum that would work o windows 7.
  3. lennyn

    Windows 7 Compatibility

    I agree, Creator 6 was the best version ever. anyone know if a comparable version for windows 7 that works the same with the same features? Please?
  4. I am looking for a program like Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 Platinum that can be used in windows 7, but has the same features and works like "6". Anyone?