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    Toast 10 Freezing Under Mavericks

    Reinstalling Toast 10 has solved my problem. I have no idea how the previous copy got damaged, but evidently, it did.
  2. Winslow

    Toast 10 Freezing Under Mavericks

    I've downloaded a new copy of Toast and installed it. Will see if that helps. It seemed that somehow the Toast code itself was getting damaged, which is rare in my experience.
  3. Winslow

    Toast 10 Freezing Under Mavericks

    I trashed those plist and prefs files and restarted the computer. Now, Toast launches, almost: Its icon shows up in the dock, the program asks for access to my contacts (why it needs those, I have no idea), and the menu headings show up across top of the screen. But ... no GUI in sight. If I switch to another app, or Finder, I cannot get back to Toast; it's in the Dock, it's in the Command-Tab display of open apps, but it's not accessible. And when I look at the Force Quit menu, I see that, no surprise, Toast is not responding. So, I Force-quit it and try again and ... same thing. Frustrating.
  4. Winslow

    Toast 10 Freezing Under Mavericks

    I can't scientifically prove it, but my observation is that Toast 10 is having some trouble under Mavericks, trouble I did not see when using the software with Lion, for instance. Like so: I have no trouble burning DVDs and CDs, but very often if I leave Toast open after a burning session, it eventually freezes; I see it showing the spinning beach ball and I have to Force Quit. And then, after that Force Quit, I find that Toast will no longer open again no matter what I do, whether it's clicking on its icon in Applications folder or in the Recent Items list or the contextual menu. I have to fully restart my computer if I want to use Toast again. In a word, this is most annoying. I really do believe this started with my installation of Mavericks. Anyone else seeing this behavior? I am on a Mac Pro.