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    Crossfade feature in Music Disc Creator?

    Me too I have big problems with mixing audio and fading. Roxio 9 does not respect my mixes prepared before recording a cd and i get always clipping and noises at the change of the track.
  2. Stefanomarz

    Audio transitions

    It seems that audio transitions of cds mixed does not work well or at all. When i prepare a transition (for example mixing one audio file with the second one, i put transition and i modify levels of audio), it seems that transiotions work well, but when i record the cd transitions are not the same that i heard before in preview and while changing track i can hear disturbing sounds of transitions not well mixed. The 7 and 7.5 versions worked very well with transitions, now the system is totally changed and does not work well like before. What can i do? There will be a solution for it? Many thanks!!!!