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    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    Tony, After a few replies to my support ticket I was contacted by Angel Babon from Corel. Use this email address mycasesupport@corel.com to contact Angel. Corel provided me with Toast 16, serial number included, to use until a fix for Toast 17 is found. I hope this helps.
  2. h2oflyer

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    I'm having the same problem! I opened a support ticket with Roxio on the Feb 5...no response as of yet. I can burn shorter files just fine, but I have a couple of files 1:28, and 1:32 long. They both fail after encode prior to multiplexing. IDK if the encode fails to complete or the multiplexing fails to start. I am using Toast Titanium 17.3 on a Macbook Pro with macOS Mojave 10.14.3. I can burn the same files with my iMac OSX High Sierra using Toast 12. What's changed?