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    Roxio Hd Pro Capture Problems

    sorry about the wait for reply but you helped a lot and thanks i can figure it out from here c ya
  2. atomic

    Roxio Hd Pro Capture Problems

    I have it set for hdmi, im not sure about the cord I don't think its like a Microsoft brand, and im not sure what you mean by reset my xbox
  3. atomic

    Roxio Hd Pro Capture Problems

    sorry so it was working but the hdmi is not working and that is the one I need and I haven't se the hdmi part until now, so I put the cord into the dvd player and in the capture window the screen is fixed but it says signal protected in red and I can also see on the tv but I tried to plug it back into my xbox and it went back to the messed up way so I put everything back in the dvd and it started working again
  4. atomic

    Roxio Hd Pro Capture Problems

    I have had my Roxio for about a year and I have been searching for a solution but I don't think I have found anything. so what is happening is that when I set up my game capture the screen in the capture window shows the stuff on my xbox but it is cut in half the bottom half on top and the top half on the bottom. there is also a no signal even though it shows up even though its messed up, and if it matters the no signal is red, and I know I have everything plugged in right, I also recently switched to hdmi, also im not a guy who knows a ton about computers so please try to explain things simply. thank you