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  1. Hey hello again, I wished I had payed more attention, cause I'm not sure how that happened, but I can tell you that the extracted files have been put to the trash in a "Recovered files" folder (the files are titled correctly and each separated in a numeroted folder). I think it might have done that just once I've opened the app again... or it's because it's been a week already... hard to tell since I did opened the app only after a week hehe The creation date of the folder matches the time I did drop the audio CD on the app.. which is kind of interesting. Sadly, the modification date is.. well when I opened the folder to see what's inside so that's why I'm saying I should have payed more attention. For all I'm sure it could have been there for a week as well. I'll do some tests I guess.
  2. Thanks tsantee, Now I'm kind of doubting if it all disappeared after I rebooted. I thought I had more available space, but now I'm not so sure. But to think it could just store files like that in the virtual memory seems like a strange course of action to me. I was hoping I could verify somewhere.. be it even in a /usr /var /bin /whatever place. Oh well, whatjagonnadew. Thanks again.
  3. Hello, I was trying something using toast 10.0 on an old PowerPC. I dropped an audio cd in the audio cd section in Toast and it started extracting files immediately, which is I'm sure the normal behavior, but I was used to Toast 7 way of dealing with audio CDs, which is quite different. Anyways, my computer is a bit messy; i don't have loads of RAM either, and my system partition doesn't have that much available space. So, the extracted files just took.. like a third of that available space. Now I wanted to get rid of that pointless wasted data, so I looked in the "Roxio Converted Items" folder... but there is nothing there. So I checked the preferences and clicked on the "delete converted items" little button, and nothing happened. I figured that if I'd quit the app itself, it would empty its cache, but that didn't do anything either. Rebooting doesn't seem to do anything either. So, yeah, my question is quite basic: where is that temporary data supposed to be located? (visible or not... just want to know where...) Thanks a lot.