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    Cd Key Invalid

    thanks I'll give it a try
  2. rcandr

    Cd Key Invalid

    Thanks for the suggestion but - Just went back to Best Buy. They scanned the product label again and it did not prompt them to activate the CD KEY. They looked for a number to call Roxio but couldn't locate one other than sales. There seems to be a breakdown between Best Buy and Roxio. Maybe Roxio tech support will eventually respond.
  3. rcandr

    Cd Key Invalid

    Bought Roxio LT to MP3 at Best Buy. Tried to install several times. Each time it tells me the CD key is invalid. The product is registered. I have my support code and emailed tech support. I got a case number back. Three days later I looked to see the status of my case. Case number not listed. I gave up, and exchanged he product at Best Buy. New unopened box,tried to install the program and got error message - INVALID CD KEY . WTF???? Does anybody have an answer?????????????????