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    Apple Script

    OK. Thanks.
  2. Blaxs

    Apple Script

    Hi all. From FotoMagico Forum: Moderator ~ Achim (Boinx) Unfortunately the Apple Script support in Toast Titanium 11 is broken and therefore FotoMagico isn't able to tell Toast what to do with the exported movie file. Is there someone here can help me to get the Apple Script to work in Toast 12? Thanks.
  3. Blaxs

    Upgrade Without Penalty.

    Thanks tsantee. That is what I had thought. If you do a bit of Googling you can find Promo Code that can give you 15-20% discount to spend at Roxio Stores.. Hope that helps. Thanks to everyone.
  4. Blaxs

    Upgrade Without Penalty.

    Thanks for your reply. No I don't mean avoid paying for the upgrade, what I meant, is do I have to purchase a full licence for toast 12 Pro when I already have toast Titanium 11? Thanks again. Sorry if I did not make myself clear.
  5. Blaxs

    Upgrade Without Penalty.

    Hi all. Can I Upgrade from toast 11 Titanium to toast 12 Pro without incurring a extra penalty. I need to see evidence of this or confirmation that you can do so without incurring a extra penalty. Thanks.
  6. Blaxs

    Interface Error: - 32030

    Hi all. From FotoMagico 4: After throwing the MPEG4 slide into Toast v11.2, it then starts encoding, but the moment it tries to write the lead-in that's when that error 32030 message appears. Below are the image that's been thrown upon me..... Can someone give me a hand here... Thanks.
  7. Blaxs

    Toast Option Grayed Out In Share>Dvd>Burn With

    Sorry I forgot to mention that my OS version is Mac OS X 10.7.5 → FotoMagico version 4.4.4 → Toast version 11.2 Thanks.
  8. Hi all. FotoMagico is not allowing me to select Toast as the app I will be using to burn my Slideshow to DVD. When I try to select Toast, Toast is greyed out when I should be able to select Toast... Here is the screenshot: http://tech4eleven.com/shots/Screen_Shot_20131105_at_3.53.20_PM.png_20131105_155438.jpg I have attached the file in-case the link does not work. I went into the FotoMagico Forum and the Moderator (Boinx) said): It looks like that Toast has discontinued the scripting abilities of its application, so that we aren't able to send the file to Toast directly anymore. Has anyone have a solution? Thanks. Clive.
  9. Blaxs

    No Love From Roxio

    Hi Roxio. I order Roxio ver 11 Upgrade and paid with my Mcard and I have not received any mail confining anything from Roxio. I even check my bank and my statement says Digital River took the money. This happen an hour ago... Please help. Thanks. Clive. Edit. Roxio has now solved the above problem. Thank you Roxio.