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    Win 10 updates and Roxio installations

    I am semi literate in computing so i will try to answer what can. After each update window has deleted or removed files or programs. My external WD MyBook had backups deleted from December '2019 to April 2020. I have conceirge service from Dell that enabled me to get help restoring some programs. roxio was one that I had to give my codes for after each re install. Mcafee multi access security suite was also disable and had to be reinstalled each time. It was not turned off during updates. What exactly did you need from Dxdiag file there are a lot of diaglogue boxes with results all showing no problems found. Thanks for your response.
  2. I have had my computed wrecked by win10 updates since Nov. 2019. each time I have had to reinstall Creator NXT from CD I purchased,. even though I have backed up my files on MyBook 3 tb external drive. I was not aware that there was a limitation to re installation. on purchased CD. I was asissted by agent from Corel in most recent win 10 update disastor. There have been atl least 6 updates since January 2020. If I were to upgrade to newest ideation of Creator will I be penalized because win 10 keeps destroying my files and i have to reinstall.