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    Adding/editing Sub Menu Titles In Dvd Page

    Hello, Thank you for the quick response I'm almost there. If I could bother you on one more thing I will leave you alone. Sorry if this has been covered but I can't seem to find the answer, anywhere on the net. I have shot 4 small corporate productions with an Epic, looks great. Cut it, colored, sound, etc. I have the finals outputted in masters for web and BluRay, fine. Client wants SD DVD's for trade shows and their clients who do not have BluRay players so she wants DVD's. I have tried everything to get a clean DVD. They look terrible. I understand that HD does not work on SD DVD but can I not at least get the picture to look like a DVD? Meaning clean and the way DVD's looked before HD? I am getting pixelation and just ugliness. I have tried Compressor and DVD Studio Pro from my FCP7. I have tried output from FCPX. I have tried Encore and it just crashes on my now thanks I guess to Mavericks. I purchased Toast Titanium 11, worked different settings and still no good. What in the world can I do to make a DVD look right? Is there some special set of settings I do not know nor can I find? It baffles me that old SD video to DVD looks better than HD to DVD. I've been two days on this trying to make simple DVD's. My masters are ProRes 422 .mov. I really wish someone could simply state what settings to use. I have read everything under the sun with a whole lot of different answers. I now have a sizable stack DVD coasters. Any help would be saving me right now.
  2. marsmock

    Adding/editing Sub Menu Titles In Dvd Page

    Thank you so much.
  3. Hello, I am new to Toast. I need to know how to change the titles in the menu options for my DVD. Meaning I can change the title of the DVD but the sub menus are set to "my movie" and I need to change those to the appropriate movie that is place in the DVD. I have two productions that will be on this DVD so from the home page/menu I need to change the 'my movie' sub menu buttons to the titles of my two productions. Please help. I am on a deadline. I'm liking how Toast is working thus far though. Gone are my days with Compressor and DVD Studio Pro.