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    I Paid And Did Not Get Anything

    Roxio device was not sent. The money was returned.
  2. DiegoL

    I Paid And Did Not Get Anything

    this is a very unpleasant experience. And I buy a lot on the internet. I did extensive research (about 8 months) to know what was the best capture card of the market. Until I discovered things I did not know Roxio 'Digital River' Corel. Undoubtedly is the roxio game HD pro. I do not know if you have any idea how much I want this capture card. I'll be patient. I want to believe I have not been fooled.
  3. As the name of the topic says, I paid for a game capture hd pro, has passed 34 calendar days. and still nothing. Nobody answered the support service. I opened a case on paypal against the sender and do not respond to paypal too. I have been scammed? this is a fraud site? Will be at least someone goes respond here?