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    Not Responding

    I tried to install in safe mode but couldn't , I got error code 0641. I have tried everything I know how to do. I'm sure its not the program because it works on my laptop I just can't get it to work on my pc and that's where I want it to work. Thanks for your help.
  2. webber99

    Not Responding

    As soon as try to record it will stop responding or anything else I try to do. If I leave it alone it will start then go right back to not responding. I have no other roxio programs. I have deleted them all. What is emulation mode? Yes I installed in admin account. I will try in safe mode and let you know. Thanks
  3. webber99

    Not Responding

    Driver max is a program that scans your computer for out of date drivers. and yes I followed the instructions on intel site , but it would not let me download a driver . said I had to go to computer manufacture website. so I went to hp website and downloaded the driver but it will not install. I get a message saying " update did not complete successfully error 259" and I don't know how to fix that. I have cleaned my computer and deleted a lot of programs that I do not use and defraged it, but nothing is helping. Anything else I can do? and thank you for your help
  4. webber99

    Not Responding

    I went to Intel website but it said I have to go to HP site so I went there and tried to download driver but it wouldn't download . Got a message that says " update did not complete successfully error 259". I did download a program from cnet called DriverMax and it said a new driver was available. Should I use that one ?
  5. webber99

    Not Responding

    I updated using windows. I went to hp website and intel website but it won't let me update from either. I have installed the program with and without the anti virus running. The only thing else running was internet explorer where can I go to get the right drivers
  6. webber99

    Not Responding

    I have set my fonts to 100% and updated video chip using windows update, I think? I reinstalled vhs to dvd and it still is not working. every time I click on something I get the " not responding" at the top of program. What else can I do? Here is my computer specs again , Thanks scott pc 2.txt
  7. webber99

    Not Responding

    I get the message when I try to run the program. It installs just fine but when I go to hit the record button it freezes up and says not responding
  8. webber99

    Not Responding

    Hello, I have easy vhs to dvd 3 and when I install it, it will freeze up and says not responding. I have tried all the fixes I have seen on this forum like reinstalling and repairing but nothing will get it to work. I have attached a copy of my computer specs if that helps. But I can get it to work on my laptop running windows 8. But I want it to work with my pc, Thanks Also meant to say that I do not have it installed on my pc right now. Its on my laptop scott's pc.txt
  9. webber99

    Upgrade Will Not Run

    What I was trying to do was open the software from my download files . But I figured out that I had to open the vhs to dvd program and install it from there. I got it working. Problem solved, Thank
  10. I have the vhs to dvd 3 and just upgraded to the plus version. I downloaded it and saved the file , but it will not run. what can I do?