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    How To Capture Xbox One Gameplay

    Added a video
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    How To Capture Xbox One Gameplay

    Also sorry about the other thread, I accidentally clicked topic solved
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    How To Capture Xbox One Gameplay

    Hey guys! After many trials and errors, I have finally figured out how to get your Xbox One to correctly be captured! I had problems with it ever since I got the Xbox One, and I have noticed many threads regarding the problem. Finally I have figured out a solution! I hope this thread helps! Note: I have had 2 different ways that have worked for me multiple times. The first has worked for me most times, while the second method works some times. Note 2: As soon as you open any video related app, the signal will go back to protected. Method 1 (Works Most Times): [1] Make sure everything is correctly plugged in, and make sure that your recording program says "Signal protected". [2] While the program is still open, and your Xbox One is turned on, hold the white power button on the console for 10 seconds [3] After 10 seconds, unplug the power cord from the back of the xbox. [4] Wait a few seconds, then plug the power cord back in, and turn your Xbox back on [5] On the program, switch the Input back to HDMI. The status should now say "Ready" and you should be able to capture or stream. Method 2 (This method has worked a few times) [1] Plug the Xbox directly to the HDMI slot in the back of your TV [2] Make sure your recorder is plugged into the computer. [3] Open the recording software and change the status to component. [4] Unplug the Xbox HDMi from the TV and plug it into the recorder, then plug the recorder into the same HDMI slot. [5] Switch the status on the software back th HDMi and it should say ready I will add a video shortly