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    I Lost My Installation Disk

    Yes i registered it but it was a long time ago so i dont have the registration key anymore and no sales record my friend got it for me
  2. So when i first got my Roxio Game Cap, I used my friends laptop since my computer was too far away but now I moved my computer and I want to use that to plug the Game Cap into so i can record my xbox but I lost the installation disk is there any way I can download it?
  3. mroyce

    Can You Record Without Computer?

    What do I do when using component?
  4. mroyce

    Can You Record Without Computer?

    well I am using component cables, not hdmi
  5. Hi, I just recently got a roxio game capture and my computer is 2 rooms away from my xbox, is there any possible way that I can record without the computer? Or at least a way to make the cable reach it?