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  1. Some further screenshots from the actual DVD that was produced with Creator 9.
  2. As the screenshots show custom quality I did a further screenshot of project settings. I then tried the same settings in my shortened NXT project which has been failing on burn but this still fails. I then reduced quality setting to EP and got the same result.
  3. I have obtained the following 3 screenshots from my Creator 9 working project as you requested yesterday.
  4. I will attempt to acquire some screenshots from my Laptop Creator 9 project tomorrow. Thanks for you patience.
  5. I hope that you get this screenshot. It was not taken from my original Creator 9 project it was taken from my second simplified NXT version which also fails to burn. The screenshot shows the first menu of the project.
  6. My previous project was created using the same MyDVD program. When I first started creating slideshows I used a free version called MYDVD for CD. If I can work out how to send directory structure screenshot I will.
  7. Digital Guru. I can assure you that the project is working on a disc that I generated with Creator 9. Also, if the project that I have produced with Creator NXT is too big it should not preview as it does.
  8. Digital Guru. It is difficult to say how long the slideshows run if all were run after each other. MyDVD sets a minimum duration of 5secs per photo in the slideshow and I usually select fit to audio track if the track means that the duration can be more than 5secs which depends on the number of slides in the show. On average a single slideshow takes about 5minutes and I have set the project to run only the single movie/slideshow at a time. I would guess that to play all 69 slideshows sequentially would take 300 minutes or more. My project is a set of slideshows and not movies and as such I believe that MyDVD must treat them differently.
  9. The very same project has run without problems on Creator 9. Starting with the very same set of slideshows reprogrammed for Creator NXT I have to remove quite a number of slideshows before the project will burn. I produced the build in exactly the same way as I did for Creator 9 MyDVD. I have also created the NXT version of the project in a simplified manner which avoids the need for audio tracks and does not change the menu backgrounds and audio and this has exactly the same characteristics. The way that I created this simplified project is as follows. 1) Open Creator NXT and select Create DVD's. 2) Select Menu Style Beach. 3) From Edit drop down select Add Submenu and add 10 Submenu's to set up the structure of the build. Each Submenu is described as a calendar year. Adding more than 5 menus causes MyDVD to overflow onto a further top level menu twice since there are 10 years of submenus. 4) Select the first year menu from the Project View Menus and from Menu Tasks select Add Slideshow and open the required photo set from the appropriate photo file folder. This adds the required photo's to the project. Repeat this for all photo's for the particular year and then repeat for all other years. When there are more than 5 groups of photo's for a particular year then a further menu is created by MyDVD for that year. 5) Saving the project after each slideshow is added is done as a precaution of avoiding effects of crashes. 6) When all slideshows have been added I preview the project with no problems. I then attempt to burn to an ISO file which is not possible unless I remove many slideshows. I have tried reducing quality setting but this makes no difference.
  10. I am using MyDVD and I am not actually putting any video in terms of time into the project. I am only putting still photos into the production in the form of slideshows with music backing tracks. The MyDVD program shows me that there is 54 minutes remaining as well as the 1.1GB of disc usage. Each slideshow is made up of between 20 and 99 still photo's. I have previously created DVD discs with Creator 9 for the 69 slideshows running successfully. When I regenerate the same project for NXT it previews perfectly but will not burn until I reduce the complexity significantly. There must be a difference somewhere. I am extremely confident that I have reproduced the original build so it must be a problem with Creator NXT I believe.
  11. I have been using Creator 9 for a number of years in order to present slideshows of my family photographs. The project consists of 12 years of collections of slideshows with each year represented by a separate submenu. Each year can have up to 8 slideshows. The total number of slideshows is currently at 69 and the amount of used DVD disc space is indicated as 1.1GB. This project has worked without any problems on Creator 9. In 2013 I upgraded my PC to a Windows 8 machine and as Creator 9 would not install on it I was forced to purchase Creator NXT. I was then disappointed to discover that my previous project would not run on the new installation and I had to start the project again. Having spent many hours doing this I eventually discovered that the project will not burn to disc or to a file with Creator NXT even though it previews OK. Error 8004529c while recording slideshow was the error displayed. I then started to delete slideshows from the project and after several deletions the error changed to 800700e error encoding menu's. Eventually, I got to a point where the project burned OK. At this point there was only 6 years of slideshows and a total of 36 slideshows in the project. From all the work that I have now done I think that I can conclude that there is a significant reduction in capability in Creator NXT. Can you please confirm that this is so?