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    Video Preview Window Not Very Reponsive

    Sorry, should have read first. It's the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro.
  2. I recently (today) just encountered an issue while trying to use my capture devise. The video preview screen is not responsive and the video itself is very choppy. I've tried unistalling and reinstalling and that hasn't helped. Don't know what else to do. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. CaptureNoob

    Sluggish Editing In Videowave

    I didn't think what I recorded would turn out being so big. Would you suggest that I upgrade my processor and RAM, or just record my game play in a lower resolution? I ask because the game I recorded was in 720p and I'm guessing that's what made the file so big. Thanks for helping!
  4. CaptureNoob

    Sluggish Editing In Videowave

    The video is in the m2ts format that I recorded in from my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and it's just over 1 hour long (an hour and 9 minutes). My system specs are: AMD A4 3300M APU 1.9Ghz 6 GB of RAM 64 bit operating system I think I might be forgetting some, but those are the ones I could find at the moment.
  5. CaptureNoob

    Sluggish Editing In Videowave

    I'm having a few issues editing videos with the videowave. This is my first time doing video editing of any kind and I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to laptop hardware and things of that nature. The problem is when I try to split the video, videowave stops responding for a minute or so and I have to wait for it to be responsive again. The file that I'm trying to edit is very large so I'm guessing that that might be the issue (the file size is 7.63 GB). Looking at the system requirements, I thought that my laptop met them. I just want to know if I'm doing anything wrong.