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  1. Okay so I've had roxio for quite a while, more then 6 months I believe and currently I am having problems with it.


    Okay, so the issue is when ever I try to switch from 720p to 480p on my Xbox 360 it says in the roxio game cap that 480p is not supported. I have tried everything, repair, reinstall, I checked if roxio game cap is in the other devices category of my device manager already (so dont ask). Eight now I am just at my wits end and need some help, any ideas?

  2. So today I was delighted to see an update page pop-up as I opened my roxio game cap HD pro software. It stated that the twitch issue was resolved from what I saw and I could finally use the device as I intended to use it. So I squealed with delight and signed in my twitch tv account. Tried to live stream and.....natta... So I thought, maybe my justin tv will work, tried that nothing. So now I am back at square one, no streaming capabilities without obs. So it begs the question, is this my fault or roxio's? To be clear I have permitted my firewall to let it through, my antivirus was turned off, and my internet connection was fine. I am hoping maybe you guys can help.

  3. So this has happened to me twice already, I am a streamer and a avid lets play host, I bought this produce to capture gameplay. However, I find that at times, it will not record my video, it will show an unusable file with no preview, instead of my 30 minutes of game capture.


    My rant:


  4. I recently purchased a roxio game capture device, so far I now have extreme buyer remorse. I instantly started having problem with it, for one a channel or mine for that matter wouldnt show up when I signed into twitch on the product. Then the preview didnt work, it wouldnt stream to twitch. So being the smart person I am, I repaired the software using the disk, this however made it 1000x worse, now it doesnt even detect my PS3 and it defaults to hdmi, when I try to get into the options the program stops responding and windows asks me to shut it down. (the whole program has stopped working thing).


    Right now I need serious help, I want so deperately to use it, but it wont work, anyone have any clue to why it isnt working?