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  1. SulphurRain

    Usb Drive Not Showing Up

    I've tried to hook it up to other computers and things but the driver software never gets downloaded. oh well.
  2. SulphurRain

    Usb Drive Not Showing Up

    the USB is never recognized on my PC. It never shows up.
  3. SulphurRain

    Usb Drive Not Showing Up

    Okay so I was using the HD Pro caturing gameplay then it stopped responding and a message appeared saying the USB drive was unrecognizeable or something. I went on to uninstall the software, then after reinstalling, the device driver would never re-download. Nothing pops up when I try pluggin in the USB. I can though download driver software with other products.. Something wrong with the device itself? This is annoying. XD
  4. SulphurRain

    Roxio Software Help

    The videos are usually about 5 minutes long, I just take a few seconds from each recording to make a "montage". VideoWave just doesn't like M2TS for me. I've installed the service pack, updated drivers, etc. I just still deal with the laggy playback in VideoWave and the Capture software crashing occasionally after I stop capturing something. I've tried tings like re-installing the software and setting the priority to high for the application, but no luck. HP p2-1334 Windows 8 AMD E1-1200 Accelerated Processor with AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics, 1400 Mhz, 2 cores, 2 Logical processors 4 Gigs of RAM I have about 390 Gigs of HDD space left.
  5. SulphurRain

    Roxio Software Help

    Hi there, I've had a few problems lately with my HD Pro. Firstly, the Capture software usually works well, but sometimes if I record 4 or 5 things in a sequence then the last one will freeze and I'll have to end the program and the footage is lost. Also when I put the m2TS file in VideoWave it doesn't play it smoothly where I can edit it precisely. I've tried converting them to WMV and that works fine, but it lowers the quality substantially. Any suggestion on either? Thanks.