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  1. I have called the phone numbers listed and left messages for a callback. No one ever calls me back though. I think we are going to process a refund on this product and go with something else. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi, I purchased a 10 license version of Creator Gold 6 Education online yesterday, to try out on 10 machines before making a decision to roll it out to 2800 machines in our school district. I have ran into a problem though, when we run the installer, it comes up to a box that asks for the installation serial number. The purchase confirmation email I received does not show an installation serial number. I contacted Digital River Sales but they were unable to help, telling me I would need to contact Technical Support. I submitted a help form to Tech Support yesterday but have heard nothing from them. I would really like to get Creator up and running so we can decide whether or not to go with the product or not. What do I need to do or who do I need to contact about getting the installation serial number? Thanks for your help, Steve PS.. Here is the info that was in the purchase confirmation email.. None of these numbers work when trying to install Creator Product SKU: LCRCRG6MLA1 Product Name: Creator Gold 6 Education License ML (5-50) LCRCRG6MLA1 Qty Ordered: 10 Amount: $197.00 CD Key:SubTotal: $197.00