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    Trouble Live Streaming And With Obs

    So I take it they are in no hurry to fix the issue then? What happened to the guys post that actually explained why it is not working??
  2. I have set up my live stream through twitch TV (justin.tv) on my old PC running windows XP and it worked, but in low resolution due to my PC being so outdated. I have since upgraded and built a new tower with Windows 8. It has plenty of power and my internet connection is plenty fast I believe, 16 download 5 upload, but now I cannot get it to stream. In the program is shows everything is running fine, but on twitch it never loads up. I did everything the same as I did on my old PC and its not working for me. So then I downloaded OBS to see if that would make a difference. Everything loads into OBS, but I just get a black screen. I tried the stream to see if it just was black and the program and it went live on twitch but still had the blank screen. Is this an Issue with the card and Windows 8 or am I just messing something up some how? Thanks for any help henry