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  1. Been using Roxio 2011 successfully for sometime now, however having issues with audio and video being out of sync. Shot the video with a Canon power Shot SX500 IS, which I've also used previously with success. Downloaded the video from the 64GB SD card onto a file on my computer, don't know if I've used the 64GB card previously, but the .MOV file plays in sync. Using Samsung QX410 64bit laptop with Windows 7, have used this computer previously with Roxio 2011 and never encountered this problem. However now using Roxio 2011, Video Wave, after adding a video to a new project, then playing the video, the video and native audio are not in sync (audio is running faster than video). However when I double click on the video in Video Wave to edit, and play it in the edit window, the audio and video are in sync. What am I doing wrong?