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    "roxio Gamecapturepad Has Stopped Working" Error

    Update: it works! First off, I saw an old comment of mine on a blog and saw that I had the issues before I ever did the C cleaners Anyways, I did everything step by step about 3 times total and nothing seemed to work. Messing around I found an error that included "Fault Module Name: nvdxgiwrap.dll" Took forever, but I managed to get a different update for my nvidia driver and the Roxio program works! Thanks for the help everyone, can't tell you how much I appreciate it, didn't figure it would be something as stupid as updating my driver
  2. GreenMachine

    "roxio Gamecapturepad Has Stopped Working" Error

    I wasn't fully aware of how the cleaner worked before so thanks for clearing that up! I don't have the time to run everything right now but I'll post an update once I do. I was 90% certain I had the issue before the Cleaner but I'll try your advice. As long as I'm getting all the great help can someone explain to me what the Driver for the RGC has to do with running the program interface/editor? I'm still confused as to how a problem with one would affect the other
  3. GreenMachine

    "roxio Gamecapturepad Has Stopped Working" Error

    Whoa now, my mother ran it for me and she works as Senior IT at her work. As far as I know what she did was to remove old cookies right? And can I ask how it would affect any Roxio files on my laptop?
  4. GreenMachine

    "roxio Gamecapturepad Has Stopped Working" Error

    I didn't think it was a driver issue but I did as you said and I successfully repaired the software and re-installed the driver, but it hasn't fixed anything. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the "Roxio Game Capture HD PRO" icon on my desktop should open WITHOUT the RGC being plugged in. I have done this before just to edit video clips under the "Edit and Share" option back when the program used to work. Since the program can run without the RGC being plugged in, the issue isn't with the driver. Any tips? :\ Thanks for the help btw EDIT Just wanted to mention that I did a clean up with C Cleaner several months ago. I don't remember if I had this problem before or after the cleanup but it shouldn't have changed anything.
  5. GreenMachine

    "roxio Gamecapturepad Has Stopped Working" Error

    Thanks, I'll give it a try later tonight
  6. I received my Roxio Gamecap HD Pro as a gift back in 2012 and I was able to use it right away. For about a year or so everything worked perfectly and I was quite happy with the product. I could capture HD video straight off my PS3, save it, edit the video and upload everything without a single error. Several months ago the software completely stopped working, I didn't change any settings either within the program or on my laptop. I click on the Roxio icon on my desktop to run the program and before I can choose anything, an error immediately pops up: I would like to clarify a few things first: This happens whether or not the Gamecap is plugged in to my laptop The error comes up before I can click on anything within the program The Gamecap driver IS recognized by my laptop as "TRANSCODER" under type "Sound, video and game controllers" I have tried re-installing and repairing the program numerous times with the installation CD I did try to manually install an update off the Roxio site awhile ago; after restarting my laptop twice (as directed by the wizard), the update wasn't recognized or something I manually allowed the Roxio program through my firewall and tried opening the software as Admin I'm fairly knowledgeable about computers, I can write code for simple programs and I help customers with their computers at my work. However, I can't come up with anything for this issue. NOTHING has worked, I have spent a lot of time searching the web for solutions. It seems many people have had the same issue but I can't find a reliable/clear solution (or hardly any at all). I really appreciate ANY help I can get. Like I said, everything worked perfectly for a year until all of a sudden it stopped. Thanks!