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  1. Well, guys, sorry to say -- but I went out and got a different gamecap card and it worked fine. I'm guessing Roxio just doesn't support Wii U quite yet. Their support techs through my ticket said the same thing. I'm impressed with the people who managed to get it up and working -- but sadly, i wasn't one of the people. Thanks for trying to help guys. As far as I am aware, this will not work yet.
  2. Only 1 monitor, so no worries there. Wii U still does not work on 1080i. No signal to the software and thee TV. :/ same picture as i posted originally -- it might be time to call it a refund...
  3. I currently do not have access to a DVD or BluRay player... However I did hook up my Play station 2 to the roxio card; sadly, the same result occurred. I used the PS2's AV cables to connect to the Roxio card and the USB cable to the computer. Still have the no signal red screen. I unplugged the AV cables and i still saw a red screen. I have no installed the software on another computer in my home -- same result on all accounts. Is there anything I can do to try to fix the signal from the Wii U? Is there a setting? or is the red screen of doom associated with this card since the ps2 did not work either? EDIT: I have connected an xbox360, the picture displays on the Roxio software but does not display on my TV. Still no luck with the Wii U...
  4. This is the WII U device not the original Wii. You sound a little condescending there too, but ignoring that, I did do the search for videos -- and as far as i've seen, everyone has been able to plug it directly in using HDMI and play with the wii U. If you'd like me to provide you links to those videos, i'd be happy to show them to you. As far as what Jim said, as soon as I get home I will connect another HD capable device to the RGHP to see if it works. I do not have a Bluray or DVD player -- but I may have something else. Will touch base. Unless someone else has other ideas.
  5. Hello! I am trying to get my Wii U set up with my Roxio HD PRO Gamecap. My profession is testing so I'm just going to write the steps to reproduce: 1) Installed software on DVD disk 2) plugged WiiU to Roxio device and Roxio device to computer similar to XBOX360 diagram 3) TV did not display, and showed "no signal" 4) Switched HDMI cables around 5) TV did not display, and showed "no signal" 6) Repaired installation 7) TV did not display, and showed "no signal" 8) Uninstalled and Reinstalled software / drivers 9) TV displayed a Red screen when wii u was turned on, blue screen when turned off 10) Roxio Game Capture software displays "no signal" 11) Changed Wii U's settings to 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p. 12) Tv displayed Red screen when wii u was turned on, blue screen when turned off 13) Pour whiskey, write this forum post I followed the advice by turning off firewalls etc still to no avail. I am only able to see a red screen at this point. My computer specs are as follows: Windows 7, version 6.1 Service Pack 1 Intel I5-3570K 2TB Hard drive with plenty of space. 16 GB DDR3 Ram Nvidia GeForce GTX 660ti The Roxio Game capture software shows a black bar through a blue screen and says no signal on "HDMI" input (picture attached) I've attached the log file as well. I have not tried connecting the Roxio HD Pro to another device. I do not have an Xbox360, and I do not have a component cable for my PS3. Thanks in advance for your help! RGC_Log_1202014_0.txt