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  1. I have not been able to stream from my Game Capture HD Pro since mid-December. When I have tried to all I get is a black screen on Twitch (even though it says it is "Live", however the stream is still recorded by Twitch, but no actual live stream). According to posts I have seen on this forum and on Hauppauge's it was something to do with Twitch.TV changing something meaning Roxio and Hauppauge had to patch their software to fix their streaming. Hauppauge seem to have patched theirs, but Roxio have yet to. This also seems to be affecting every owner of this capture card. Some of the messages on here seem to have been suspiciously deleted when suggesting people should contact Roxio via social media to complain about the problem, is Roxio going to actually be patching their streaming software, and if not then why is it still advertising that the Game Capture HD Pro can still live stream to Twitch when it cannot?
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    Trouble Live Streaming And With Obs

    The thread was deleted, seems he has been banned from the forum. Given the last post I saw by him was one of him asking the moderator why the mod was making false accusations in his direction (and proof of such), I think a certain mod is trying to cover up their actions (especially given that in the thread which was deleted the guy who explained everything was not the OP).