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  1. Used to use Creator 9, finally upgraded to Win7 so I just purchased Creator NXT2. I have tried to edit TiVo files and m2ts files (from my canon camcorder) in both advanced video editing and copy & convert - the files play while editing - but with no sound. When the project are complete - still no sound. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Brendon, I do have the TiVo desktop software installed and tied to my TiVo dvrs. That's how I got the clip off my TiVo and on to my pc. Jim - wow, I do not understand that at all How can they abandon pcs? Don't pcs still vastly outnumber macs? So am I back to where I started? I have purchased the software recommended by TiVo and it appears to be useless in regards to my TiVo premiere. I wonder if its still possible to return the software. Thanks guys. If anybody has any ideas....
  3. I just downloaded VLC and tried to play the file and got the same result as you. Interesting. What has TiVo done to these files? Creator is supposed to be able to work with them though.
  4. Weird. I just used the posted link to download the file to a different computer. The file played fine in windows media player. What program are you using? I'd like to if I have the same issue.
  5. Here is a link to a dropbox file with a 7 sec video downloaded from my HD TiVo premiere. It has sound when played in Windows media player, but not when open in the editing window of Creator cop & convert. Thanks for taking a look. https://www.dropbox.com/s/768lf6o09j2xgve/E60%20%28Recorded%20Feb%207%2C%202014%2C%20ESPNUHD%29.TiVo
  6. Thanks Jim. I'll try that when I get home.
  7. OK, here are the properties of the two files. You can see that I am not given much "detail" about these .TiVo files. Still no clue as to why Creator finds the sound in one and not the other. Thanks guys, Nicky
  8. Jim - I will post a screen cap when I get home from work. cd - I have looked around the tivo forums, but mostly I have seen folks talking about alternatives to Creator. I have not posted on their forums because I suspect I will be advised to dump Creator and purchase something else (don't have any more money to spend on this hobby) or to try some free tools that are way beyond my comfort level. Thanks though.
  9. .tivo files must not be recognized as video files. I am not given the video/audio information about these files.
  10. Oops! 2. In the details there are no differences I the files other than the size. The file recorded on the TiVo premier is much larger - not surprising since it is a high def recording.
  11. First - Thanks for responding! 1. No option to convert to anything by right clicking on the files. 2.
  12. I've been sick, so I did not get to try again fully. I did record two short test recording on both my tivos and have just begun playing with those and have already encountered a problem. So - my samples are about 2 minutes long. One is recorded on my Tivo Series 2 the other on My Tivo Premiere. used Tivo desktop to dwnload the .tivo files onto my computer. First I started Creator, selected "videos/movies" then "copy & convert video." When the program opens I selected the Movies button in the "add source" area and navigated to the my TiVo recordings. I added the first sample, then followed the same steps to add the second. For the output I selected DVD. Next I selected the first sample video and clicked on the "trim movie" button. The editing window opened. I pressed play and the video began to play, but no sound. I checked my speaker - all fine there, but no sound. I closed the window, selected the second sample, clicked on trim movie, pressed play when the editing window opened - voila - sound! The same thing happens when I try to edit these clips using "edit video-advanced." The file recorded on he series 2 has sound, the file recorded on the premier does not. BTW - when playing these clips with windows media player either using TiVo desktop, or by just navigating to the files and opening them, they both play just fine with sound. Anybody have any clues to help me?
  13. Thank you Jim, I have checked out the "how to's" in the learning center. I am going to go back and try this from the beginning and will be back with a step by step description and the results. Thanks, Nicky