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  1. Thanks Brendon, The sound card on the HP Pavillon is a AMD High Definition Audio Device and IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. My screen shots are attached. This is the first time I am trying to record from the sound card, so the Creator 2012 would be in the configuration as setup during install at HP. As I mentioned earlier, I have been able to get successful recordings now by selecting Speakers/Headphones and using the Default Settings to save the recordings to the Windows user directory - not exactly what I wanted to do, since now I have to move files after I am done (extra steps). But at least it is working.Roxi EAC sequence.doc
  2. Thanks Brendon. Curious. I do not see the success box. I get a window titled "Checking for Unidentified Tracks" following briefly by: another window titled "Exporting track 1" Then cleared back to the Roxio Easy Audio Capture control window. on the bright side, I have finally been able to get files to save by selecting the default settings option on Options, General and Save To configuration. I think it only worked if I select: Capture From : Speakers/Headphones Very poor marks for Corel/Creator help/documentation/feature support. Brendon, you are great but Sonic Solutions/Roxi basically sucks. My next audio suite will be something else, methinks.
  3. I just tested again: Recording time = 3 min 11 secs Stop recording Roxi displays : Checking for Unidentified Tracks, Scanning Music Files (0/1 tracks scanned) then Roxi displays: Exporting track 1; Position: 0 min 0 sec, Speed 0.0x, Progress: 0% for less than 1 second then window is cleared No audio file in my Save to directory. No audio file found on search of computer. What does Creator 2012 do with audio file saved?
  4. I am testing with short recordings of 1 to 5 minutes. Far from any WAV limitations. The Roxi Easy Audio Capture UI says "Time left on drive: 438 h 23 min" The recording file appears in the directory while in progress, but disappears after the Checking for Unidentified Tracks windows close.
  5. I bought Creator 2012 with my HP Pavillion system about a year ago. A full up purchase. When I try to use Roxio Easy Audio Capture feature to record audio, the files are automatically deleted. My configuration: Capture From: Stereo Mix (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) Record Internet Autio: Separate Tracks Temporary files: E:\MyDirectory Save to: E:\MyDirectory\Sounds Audio Format: WAV On the sound card (via the windows speaker icon; Recording: Stereo Mix (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) selected/set as default Playback: Speakers/Headphones selected I start a audio playback in my browser (Chrome). Audio is output and played over speakers. I start the Roxio Easy Audio Capture Recording Level bars move to audio peaks- slider can adjust peak record level Looking the MyDirectory the temporary audio.wav file appears and updates size while recording is in progress Select STOP on Roxio Easy Audio Capture A window appears : Checknig for Unidentified Tracks, Scanning Music Files (0/1 tracks scanned) Then a second window appear very briefly The audio.wav file disappears from both the temporary MyDirectory and does not appear in the MyDirectory/Sounds subdirectory. Where is the recorded file going?