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  1. I would like to close and come back, edit, and finish my project later. Do I just close EVDP3 down or is there somewhere I need to select to save the project? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Again! I am trying to trim and I have done it before but currently, I will place the trim points and when I do it grays out the Trim Button so I can't trim it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  3. I have a video in which I would like to put titles on the video throughout the video. Can I do that or can I only put 1 title per video? Thanks!
  4. What Creator product would you suggest? Thank You BTW for all of your help!
  5. Thank You Jim! I assume after I export, I can reopen the MPG file and edit that, correct? Also, how do I break down the video clips into different links when I burn it on the DVD? Also, can I do the same with when I open it on the computer or do I only have this option (if it is an option) on the DVD?
  6. I bought and downloaded the Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus upgrade. I started the install and got to the section to enter the CD KEY Code. I have enter EXACTLY CORRECT and tried multiple times and it says the code is wrong. What do I do? HELP!!! Thanks!
  7. Hello, I have the original version and want to upgrade to Easy VHS to DVD 3 PLUS But I have the a new machine which is Windows 8, thus is not installed on the machine, since the original will not install on Windows 8. Since the application is not installed on this machine, can I upgrade? If so, will this upgrade do a complete install if the previous version is not already on the machine? I do not want to waste my money buying an upgrade to find out it will not work. Thank you for your responses.
  8. But the Original will not install on Windows 8, correct? So I don't have any other options if I want to put it on this machine, right?