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    Fyi: Mp3 Not Playing On Photoshows

    I purchased them. I purchasd them at the same time as others on the same Amazon MP3 Music, they are showing in the photoshow, but when I'm ready to burn the DVD, I test it first and for example, the first two songs will play, the third one won't, the 5th one will and the 6th and 7th one won't? All MP3 that I purchased.
  2. DPhel

    Fyi: Mp3 Not Playing On Photoshows

    Some of my music is playing in my photoshow and some will not. It shows that it's been downloaded to the photoshow but only a few of the MP3's I downloaded are playing? This is probably the worst support site I've ever used. Once you purchase or download versions. You get no support whatsoever. I'll be looking for a new program to use once I receive my renewal for this. I have had nothing but problems every time I've use it. It's always something. Does anyone know why this might be happening?