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  1. Looking to resurrect old cd projects created in Jam 6. Tried to set up 10.6.8 in virtual machine in Parallels 12 on a mac pro running Sierra. Many adventures later, Toast 11 works, but it worked in Sierra. Toast 8.0.5 crashes on launch, as does Jam 6.0.2. Toast 11 says the old CD project files are corrupt. The old link to download the Jam 6.0.3 update does a website error. Any hope for these legacy project files? I have some in sd2f, but not all.
  2. Hangdog

    "encoding" Takes Forever

    28% into encoding after 40 hrs of a 22G bluray. 8-core pro. Toast using about 120% CPU (i.e. on out of a possible 16 cores, hyper threaded. Why is it reencoding anyway? All vid on it is already in h.264
  3. Hangdog

    Toast 11 Using A Single Cpu ?

    Same issue. Encoding a bluray on an 8-core mac pro. Day two... 28% Maxes out at about 140% CPU time 39:33:48.14 All content was already in h.264, why reencode it at all? I did just turn App Nap off... maybe it will work a bit faster asleep. ZZZZZzzzzzzzz