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  1. LarrySW

    Toast menus what do they look like?

    I'd like to see some menu samples before deciding to purchase. I want to make sure they are professional looking and have some customizatoin to them. any samples on the site? or elsewhere? THX Larry
  2. This is the product I bought: Roxio Easy VHS to DVD They are coming out with a mac version. I must have missed the correct forum, but I did look. I was hoping to find others who bought to see if anyone had success. Thanks
  3. I got an advertisement about the Roxio USB hardware/ software solution which spurred a renewed hope. When I got the product I could never get it to capture. As a Pro in TV production I've used other capturing software so I'm not a newbie. I recall I was not the only one having problems. Does the product work now? Can I upgrade my pc version to a mac version for the same upgrade price? How do I do that. Thanks! Larry