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  1. and by the way it tells me about a script error Line 0 Position 1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. yes i done that everything OK but i still can not apply the service pack 1
  3. no its just an aplication with the roxio game cap icon
  4. ok i will try it and i will tell you but i dont think that it is compressed its about 1.2 GB
  5. i have lost my cd and i got by the support center a download link i dont understand the second question very well but i think yes and i have Windows 7
  6. i have installed my roxio game capture and it comes up with some errors when i try to apply the service pack 1 it says that it can't find roxio game capture installed then i try to repair it and it says that it cant find the roxio game capture.msi file PLEASE HELP!
  7. MrGreekSurvivor

    Roxio Game Cap Cd Lost Help!

    thanks i will tell it to him
  8. MrGreekSurvivor

    Roxio Game Cap Cd Lost Help!

    So can someone help???
  9. MrGreekSurvivor

    Roxio Game Cap Cd Lost Help!

    YES i have the serial number!
  10. MrGreekSurvivor

    Roxio Game Cap Cd Lost Help!

    yes i registered the program but i dont have the sales receipt now (I dont know where i have puted it) but i have the serial code (i think) the device...
  11. Hi i have lost the CD of my roxio game cap device and i cant install the program at my new computer also my support code has been expired please help!!! i dont know what to do...
  12. i capture a video from my console and after when i am playing it from my pc the audio lags or it sounds like i have make a fast forward effect Please help!