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    Disc Burning On Dvds Fails

    Thanks again, Jim. I have already rescued the files from the scratched DVD and put them on to a new disc, so all is well. I still feel like a prat for not identifying the problem earlier - just as well blank DVDs are relatively cheap!
  2. Neil Prague

    Disc Burning On Dvds Fails

    Oh dear, I'm going to have to admit to having been rather dim here. It finally dawned on me to examine the source disc and it looks like the cat's clawed its way over it...which would explain why the copy ended in the same place every time. Tried copying from another disc and all was well. Duh! Thanks anyway for the quick reply, and to answer your question, I was using Disc Copy and the source was a DVD made from burning a Disc Image file some time ago.
  3. Just bought Creator NXT2 to replace an old version. I am having following problem: I am trying to copy a 3.8 GB DVD (non-commercial) movie from a DVD-RW on to a DVD-R disc. So far I have had seven failed attempts. Every time the copy proceeds smoothly until 3.3GB has been copied, then stops and I get an error (I can't copy/paste it, but it's something like sense FF ASC:0 ASCQ command 42). I have tried using two burners with the same result. I don't experience the problem with rewritable DVD discs. I bought this software as I was having the same problem with my old version of Creator and was hoping that the updated version would solve the problem. I am using Verbatim discs which have always been reliable in the past. Can anyone help with this, please?