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    Stale Toast. Toast 11.2 And Mavericks 10.9.2 = $ Down The Drain.

    I previously wrote with an issue with not being able to burn any dvds using the toast 11 software. I got ONE dvd to finally burn, but have been unsuccessful with all the others. They act as if they are writing, but then shut down in the final writing phase, leaving me with a half written dvd that I need to throw out because it is unusable. This is the most recent error message I have received: The drive reported an error: Sense Key = HARDWARE ERROR Sense Code = 0x09, 0x01 TRACKING SERVO FAILURE I've updated to the new 11.2 toast software, and still no luck. I have Mavericks on my macbook. I tried contacting customer support with no luck- they never sent me my support code and now I'm out of the 14 day (pathetic time frame) warranty period anyway. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated! I have a bunch of movies I'd like to burn to disk asap. Thank you!!!!
  2. HI, I uploaded all of our iPhone and digital camera videos to iMovie and edited them to create a home movie. When I try to use Toast to burn onto a disk, it takes forever to encode everything, then shuts down after 78% in the writing phase. I'm using a macbook pro with the most recent Mavericks software. This is incredibly frustrating, because in addition to taking FOREVER, it leaves me with a bunch of dvds that I need to throw out, because they're only half written. Thanks in advance for any assistance! It's giving me this error message : The drive reported an error: Sense Key = ILLEGAL REQUEST Sense Code = 0x30, 0x05 CANNOT WRITE MEDIUM - INCOMPATIBLE FORMAT
  3. I tried downloading the software update 11.2, both from the prompt that came up when I opened toast and directly from Roxio's website...neither update worked. One said it wouldn't open because it was from an unidentified developer and the other said "The update is improperly signed" Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks... so you think that the error I'm getting is due to the blank discs I'm using? They're Sony DVD-R. If it's not the dvds I'm using, what else could it be? Also, just to clarify, the first part of your reply was a suggestion to cut down on the encoding time, not fix the error message, correct? Thanks!