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    NXT Pro 8

    Roxio NXt Pro 8 The Burn Setup dialog does not appear when the burn tab is click
  2. Boopers0925


    This ticket request is a follow-up to closed ticket no. (4649275) regarding my installed Roxio Creator NXT 6 (Key Removed)...Thank you Ton for resetting the counter for the product... Could not reinstalled from the disc I have but was able to from the website... But yet I still HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM when clicking the add audio tracks the media selector window comes up and sticks in a not responding mode...PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENTS...Roxio Media Creator products have always been the foremost reason for using the NXT software...Creating music as I see fit.. It is real frustrating that I am unable to use this feature on the NXT 6 series...PLEASE HELP...I ALSO LOST TRACK OF YOU WITH THE PREVIOUS TICKET IN MY EMAIL STREAM...THANX IN ADVANCE... GERALD ECHOLS ANY IDEAS???
  3. Boopers0925

    Roxio Creator Nxt.msi Error

    Anyone else with a remedy to this problem....
  4. Boopers0925

    Roxio Creator Nxt.msi Error

    Digital Guru your suggestion did not work still coming with the same error with the exception of referencing the C: drive...