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    No Sound When Using .mpg

    I have discovered the problem in the end. I am using Windows Vista which clearly Roxio Creator is not compatible with. Its working fine on my laptop running Windows 7.
  2. Colin49

    No Sound When Using .mpg

    Oh!! I wish I'd known that before I upgraded but thanks anyway as the information is useful. However my problem is not limited to the existing project. When I use Copy and Convert from say a DVD to a windows format there is no sound but when I view the windows file in say a Windows viewer its fine. So there is definitely something wrong with my setup. The clips that have no sound in Videowave have sound when you view the clip in a windows viewer.
  3. I have recently installed Creator NXT2. An existing production I was working on in Creator 2011 no longer has sound on the video inserts in .mpg format? Also I have no sound when using Copy and Convert from a DVD to either MPG or WMV. Clearly something has gone haywire! I followed the suggestion in another topic of rename a .VOB file to MPG. In Windows Media Player no problem the sound us there and when I play that in CREATOR NXT 2 no sound!! Any help appreciated